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  • The outdoor seating and fire pit at Wit and Wisdom

    High Horse

You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But He’d Prefer a Cocktail

New to our Sonoma dining program for 2021 — and in the category of things you probably won’t see anywhere else — get yourself a drink from High Horse, a converted horse trailer turned endearing poolside cocktail bar.

Located on our Upper Pool Deck, the name of High Horse is inspired by the friendly competition that exists between Napa and Sonoma — whereby Sonoma views Napa as the “tourist’s” wine country, while Sonoma is still very much an agricultural region known for wine, cheeses, and other products. The name is a tongue-in-cheek poke at Napa, which is reflected by the wording on our cocktail napkins: “Napa get off your high horse.” Giddy up.

Photo Gallery

  • Two colorful mixed drinks sit on the High Horse outdoor bar top.
  • Two refreshing cocktails served at High Horse bar