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    About the Lodge

Although the region is very much regarded as a tourist destination, one of the most magical things about Sonoma is the welcoming warmth and small-town charm it shares with every visitor. The Lodge at Sonoma celebrates this by honoring the town’s heritage, dedication to craft, and salt-of-the-earth spirit. We’re excited to share our uncorked Sonoma resort and spa with visitors and locals alike.

Sonoma, Uncorked

Exactly like nothing else
Our Story 8

Our Mark

The Mark is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who stay. Handpicked for originality and passion, our mark is the hub of Sonoma culture as the tree marked with honor is over 400 years old and the oldest oak tree in Sonoma County.

Nestled under the illuminated tree is our dream wall designed for our guests to write down their hopes and dreams on a special biodegradable paper, place it in a bottle on the wall. Each month we mulch the paper and plant it in our vineyards so that your dreams continue to grow with us. A sentiment that is lifelong and tightly woven to ensure our Sonoma resort guests feel like locals, and locals feel like friends.

Lobby Seating area entrance

Heritage, Honored

We honor our distinct heritage throughout the property: from the large-scale custom tapestry that greets guests at check-in, to the live-edge wooden table crafted from a 100-year-old oak found on a nearby ridge, to our charming cottage suites with each carefully selected object and textile found within telling a part of Sonoma’s story.

Even the rustic lobby bookshelf features a hand-picked selection of works on local lore, geography, and fiction to help you feel less like you’re a nameless visitor here for a quick trip and more like you’ve been welcomed into the home of a dear friend — a sanctuary of eclectic elegance and Sonoma pride.

Wit and Wisdom Lounge

The Art of the Craft

While it’s easy to focus on the end result — the taste of wine in your glass, the stunning lines of a painting on the wall — The Lodge at Sonoma dives deeper into the process, embracing the attention to detail necessary to craft something truly wonderful.

In the hotel’s gallery boutique, you’ll find a selection handcrafted paintings and jewelry, while immersive programming goes beyond the grape stomping to highlight the pride and hard work inherent in each local craft. Qualities you’ll appreciate all the more over dinner at Wit & Wisdom — our destination restaurant dedicated to the craft of farm-to-table dining.

Girls at firepit on upper pool deck

Spirit Worth Sharing

A concierge beaming with pride, eagerly sharing the best of the town they obviously hold dear. Weekly programming designed to bring people together over more than just a glass of wine, like Charcuterie & shared fire side bites. And community clean-up and give-back events designed to keep Sonoma as charming as it’s always been.

Our Sonoma resort captures the town’s warmth and compassion, exuding a gracious nature while fostering a sense of community between guests, visitors, and locals.

The rolling hills and green vineyards of California's wine country seen in the late afternoon sun.